Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Panchamukha Hanuman Sthothram

I have come across many Hanuman temples. But the one temple that comes uppermost in my mind is the Panchamukha Hanuman temple near Secunderabad Railway station. It is situated opposite the Gandhi Hospital on a side road leading from the railway station on the left. This temple is ancient and the whole premises is shaded by a huge banyan tree and a neem tree is in the front. The idol of Lord Hanuman is "swayambu", meaning the image is formed on the rock and not sculpted as by popular belief. The whole prahara is on a rock formation. This Hanuman is considered famous and powerful and He is believed to favour the devotees with his munificence of blessings. The Hanuman here has regular stream of visitors and onThursdays and Saturdays crowds throng to seek His blessings.

I give below the "Panchamukha Hanuman Sloka". Each face of the Hanuman has a sloka or hymn with   separate set of boons conferred by Him
East Face:  Lord Hnuman(Prayer to subdue fears and enemies)
Om NamO BhagavathE  PanchavadhanAya
POrvakabhimukhE Sakala Chathru SamhAranAya swAhA|

South Face:  Lord Narasimha (Prayer to overcome fears, bad times, inimical forces)
Om NamO BhagavathE  PanchavadhanAya
KarAla VadhanAya NrsimhAya Sakala BhOtha PrEdha PradhmanAya SwahA|

West Face: Lord GarudA( to get free from toxic effects and bodily discomforts)
Om NamO BhagavathE  PanchavadhanAya
Paschima MukhE GarudAya Sakala Visha HaranAya SwAha|

North Face: Lord VarAha(To remove povery and ge affluence)
Om NamO BhagavathE  PanchavadhanAya
Utthara MukhE AdivarAhAya Sakala SampathkarAya SwAha|

Upper Face: Lord HayagrEva( For success in education, winning people by personal magnetism, success in speech)
Om NamO BhagavathE  PanchavadhanAya
Ordhva MukhE HayagrEvAya Sakala Jana VasEkaranAya SwAha|

The picture of Pancha Mukha Hanuman is not that of the temple at Secunderabad but taken

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