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Recover lost items - Karthaveeryarjunaya

Kartha Veeryarjuna Dwadasa Nama stotra

Translated by P.R.ramachander

About Kartha veeryarjuna - Kartha veeryarjuna was a king of Hehaya dynasty. He is believed to be the incarnation of Vishnu Chakra. It seems Chakra was proud and Lord Vishnu wanted to teach him a lesson. He did this by killing him with his own incarnation , Parasurama.

Purpose of this Sloka -
This stotra is believed to help us recover stolen or snatched items. The stotra is to be read and then the mantra should be used to meditate or do fire sacrifice, addressed to the God.  Simply reciting 'Kartha veeryarjuna' has been done by folks during emergency to recover 

1.Om Karthaveeryarjuno nama
   Raja baahu sahasravan
   Thasya smarana mathrena
   Gatham nashtam cha labhyathe.

Om Salutations to Kartha veeryarjuna,
The king who has several hands,
Just my remembering him,
The loss which occurred would be got .

2.Kartha veeryaha , khala dweshi, krutha, veeryo sutho ,bali,
   Sahasra bahu, shatrugno, rakthavasa dhanurdhara

Kartha veerya , hater of wicked, son of krutha veerya, strong one,
Thousand handed one , killer of enemies , 
One who lives in bloody battles , One who holds a bow.

3.Raktha gandho, Raktha malyo, Raja , smarthur , abheeshtada,
   Dwasaaithani namani Kartha veeryasya ya padeth,
   Sampad sthathra jayanthe jana sthathra vasamgatha,
   Aanayathayasu doorastham kshema labha yutham priyam.

One with smell of blood , One who wears a garland of blood ,
King , One who is to be remembered , one who is desirable,
If these twelve names of Kartha veerya are read,
Wealth will accumulate there , people will be under their control,
Undesirable things will go far and safety and profit will come near.

4.SAhasra bahum, mahitham, sasaram sachapam,
   Rakthambaram vi vidha Raktha kireeta bhoosham,
   Choradhi dushta bhaya nasanam , ishta daantham,
   Dhyayen maha bala Vijrumbitha Kartha veeryam

I meditate on the very strong and blossoming Kartha Veerya,
Who has thousand hands , who is honored, holds bow and arrows,
Who wears bloody cloths , who decorated with crowns soaked in different bloods,
Who destroys the fear to thieves and bad people and fulfills desires.

5.Yasya smarana mathrena Sarva dukha Kshayo bhaveth,
   Yan naamani Maha veeraschaarjuna krutha veeryvan.

As soon as one remembers this all sorrow would be destroyed,
And these names of the great hero , would make,
Valorous people as great as Kartha veeryarjuna.

6.Haihayadhi pathe , stotram sahasravruthi karitham ,
   Vanchithartha pradham nrunam swarajyam sukrutham yadi.

This prayer of the Lord of the Hehaya clan , if read thousand times,
Would definitely fulfill all that is desired and also ,
Get him his own country if he has good luck.

Ithi Kartha veeryarjuna dwadasa nama stotram sampoornam
Sri Krishanpanamasthu

Thus ends the prayer of twelve names of Kartha veeryarjuna

Everything is given to Krishna

Beej mantra

Om Froung Chreeng Kleeng Bruung Aang Hreeng Krong Shreem Aing hung Fhut Swaha
Om Karthaveeryarjunaya Namah
Om Froung Chreeng Kleeng Bruung Aang Hreeng Krong Shreem Aing hung Fhut Swaha 

Om Salutations to Kartha Veerya

Om Namo Bhagwate Karthaveeryarjunaya Sahastrabahave Amitvikramaaya Sarvadustachordamnaaya 
Chatush patha daagtaanshchora samoohana karshayaa karshya

Om Salutations to God Kartha veerya who has thousand hands , who is greatly valorous , who destroys all bad people , please attract , attract the bad animals and groups of thieves.

Om hraang hneeng Hroong karthaveeryarjunaya hung phat swaha
Om hraang hneeng Hroong karthaveeryarjunaya hung phat swaha

Use it only for the purpose if your wealth has been stolen, grabbed, etc. 

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New Health Page

Visit our Health page for natural healing remedies / exercises that require no cost and have no side effects. Some like Falun Dafa, Tai Chi seem to have rave reviews.

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Ganesha Atharvashirsha

Ganesha Atharvashirsha

From Wikipedia - The Śrī Gaṇapati Atharvaśīrṣa is a Vedic religious text dedicated to the deity Ganesha (Gaṇeśa). It is a late Upanishad that celebrates Ganesha as the embodiment of the ultimate Brahman.[1] The text asserts its own status as an upanishad in its final line, which reads "Thus, the Śrī Gaṇapati Atharvaśīrṣa Upanishad"

 (Sanskrit:श्रीगणपत्यथर्वशीर्षोपनिषद्; śrīgaṇapatyatharvaśīrṣopaniṣad).

It is also referred to as the Sri Ganapati Atharva Sirsha, the Ganapati Atharvashirsha, the Ganapati Atharvasirsa, or the Ganapati Upanishad. It is the most widely-recited Sanskrit text among devotees of Ganesha in Maharashtra. The entire text is written over the entrance to the temple hall in the aṣṭavināyaka Ganesha shrine at Ranjangaon. Ghurye notes its emergence in the early nineteenth century, corresponding to the rise of the Ganapati worship in Maharashtra among Brahmins centered in Pune.[3]

Noble souls like Mandar M. Joglekar  undertake the task of translation and providing meaning  to such special slokas, and special thanks and appreciations to you Sir.(

Shree Ganapati Atharvashirsha Hari OM Namaste Ganapataye | 
Twameva Pratyksham Tatvamasi | 
Twameva Kevalam Kartasi | 
Twameva Kevalam Dhartasi | 
Twameva Kevalam Hartasi | 
Twameva Sarvam Khalvidam Brahmasi | 
Twam Sakashadatamasi Nityam || 1 || 

You are the divine truth. You are the only creator of the world. You are the only protector of the world. You are the only destroyer of the world. You are the ultimate supreme divine power. You are the only soul which is present partly in each and every living form. Here the meaning of Brahma is related with unknown total universal knowledge. The origin of the total universe is sound. The first basic sound or knowledge is self existent, ever lasting and full of happiness, full of spirit. The pictorial form of this original sound is OM and an idol of Ganapati is a symbolic form of OM. All the matter is created from the original sound. (Matter is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons) atoms which are. It means original soul is present partly in each and everything and it is the ultimate supreme knowledge means it is the Brahma and. The Brahma (Lord Ganesha) controls from birth till death. 

Rutam vachami | Satyam vachmi || 2 || The great sage Ganaka is speaking the divine truth. 
Ava Twam Mam | 
Ava Vaktaram | 
Ava Shrotaram |
Ava Dataram | 
Ava Dhataram | 
Avanuchanavamshishyam Ava Pashhattat | 
Ava Purasttat | 
Avo Tarattat | 
Ava Dakshinattat | 
Ava Chordhvattat | 
Ava Dharattat | 
Sarvato Mam Pahi Pahi Samantat || 3 || (Oh Lord Ganesha) protect me. 

Protect the speaker, protect the listener, protect the donor, protect the sustainer and protect the learner and the teacher. Protect me from West direction, protect me from East, protect me from North and protect me from South. Protect me from top, protect me from bottom. Protect me from all sides and from surrounding. Lord Ganesha you protect me from all the obstacles when I am praising about your appearance, when I am listening about your merits/qualities. When I am passing the merit of your worshipping to others you protect me. When I am learning your worshipping from the Guru you protect me. The obstacles which will come across in my devotional worshipping you protect them from East, West, North, South and other surrounding/directions. 

Twam Vangamaystyam Chinmayaha | 
Twam Anandmayastvam Brahmamaya | 
Twam Satchidanandadvitiyosi | 
Twam Pratyaksham Brahmasi | 
Twam Dhyanamayo Vidhnyan-Mayosi || 4 ||

You are the real speech and you are the real awakening. You are the real spirit of joy. You are the real universal divine knowledge. You are the incomparable everlasting real supreme joy. You are the perceptible/actual divine (substance) or as cause of the universe or an enigma. You are the actual knowledge and actual science and intelligence.(the meaning of science is spiritual experience)  

2 Sarvam Jagadidam Twatto Jayate | 
Sarvam Jagadidam 
Twattas Tishthati | 
Sarvam Jagadidam Twayi Layamesheti | 
Sarvam Jagadidam Twayi Pratyeti | 
Twam Bhumiraponalo Neelo Nabhaha | 
Twam Chatwari Wak Padani || 5 || 

The whole world is produced from you. The whole world exists because of you. The whole world merged into you. The whole world again one can experience in only you. You are the Earth, water, air, fire and sky (the panchamahabhutas-the five elements). You are the four states of speeches. Sounded soul which is the origin of the Lord Ganesha is the self existent everlasting unexpressed total universal divine knowledge. The three states creation, maintenance (taking care) and destruction are originated from Lord Ganesha (Matter is originated from sound. The protons, neutrons and electrons are made up of atom. Atom is made from matter.) Proton, the creator (God Brahma), neutron the care-taker (God Vishnu) and electron the destructor (God Shiva). The five elements are originated from Lord Ganesha. From Ether the air is originated, from air the fire is originated, from fire the water is originated, from water the earth is originated. A human being is also originated from these five elements by processing cosmic energy. Lord Ganesha is the self existent original sounded soul. The knowledge of sound is visible or invisible. We can hear it but cannot see or feel it. Lord Ganesha (sound) is soul and the universe is the body. The source of words is from Lord Ganesha-the original sound. The four states of speeches are para, pashyanti, madhyama and vaikhari. The place of para is deep down inside the region of naval. The place of pashyanti is in the heart. The 'Madhyanma' is the throat and 'Vaikhari' is the movement of tongue and lips. It means the presence of Lord Ganesha (sound) is present in all the objects in the world. 

Twam Gunatrayatitaha | 
Twam Dehatrayatitaha | 
Twam Kalatrayatitaha | 
Twam Muladharasthitosi Nityam | 
Twam Shaktitrayatmakaha | 
Twam Yogino Dhyayanti Nityam |
Twam Brahmastvam, Twam Vishnustvam Rudrastvam Indrastvam Agnistvam Vayastvam Suryastvam Chandramastvam Brahmabhurbhurvaswarome || 6 || 

You are beyond the three human qualities (Raj, Satva, and Tam). You are beyond the three human states (waking, dreaming and deep sleep). You are beyond the three states of bodies (gross, stable and causal). You constantly exist in the place 'Muladhara' in human body. You are the three powers/Shakti (required for creation, preservation and destruction). The sages always meditate on Lord Ganesha. You are Brahma, you are Vishnu, you are Rudra, you are Indra, you are Agni/God of Fire, you are Vayu/God of Air, you are Surya/Sun, you are Chandra/Moon, you are the Brahma (an organism from all living being) and the Earth, the Sky, the Heaven and the OM. Human being has three types of qualities- Satva, Raj, and Tam. Satva means Satvik means pure, holy or God fearing. A person, who is satvik, has always pure, noble clear thoughts. He is always well behaved well mannered thinking for others. Any type of bad elements could not disturb him. 'Rajogna' means passionate. A person always thinks about what profit he will get if will do anything. He always accepts positive results as per his thinking. If he doesn't achieve it he gets disturb. Could not keep control on his thoughts and mind. 'Tamasi' means hot headed irascible. A person is very hot tempered, selfish, his thoughts and his world are around eating, drinking, sleeping. They hurt to others; never take care for anybodies feelings and duties towards anybody. Lord Ganesha is beyond these three gunas. Lord Ganesha always exists in place of 'Muladhara'. According to the yoga there are seven 'Chakras'(states) in human body. These 'Chakras' are situated in various parts of the body. Through meditation a person can awake the power of thinking of body, correct decision power, through the power of kundalini which is in the 'Muladhara'. Lord Ganesha the supreme power is situated in 'Muladhara'. 

Ganadhim Purvamuchharya Varnadim Tadonuntarin | 
Anushwara Parataraha | Ardhendulsitam | 
Tarena Ruddham | Etat Tav Manuswaroopam | 
Gakarah Purvaroopam | Aakaro Madhyamarupam | 
Anuswaraschyantyarupam | 
Bindurutteirrupam | 
Nada Sandhanam | 
Sanhita Sandhihi | 
Saisha Ganeshvidhya | 
Ganakrishihi | 
Nichrudgayatrichandaha | 
Ganapatirdevata | 
OM Gam Ganapatye Namaha || 7 || 

Having recited the letter 'Ga' the first letter of 'Ganadhim' in the beginning, followed by the first alphabet 'A' and thereafter a dot means a crescent and with the sacred 'Om' up to these. This is the way of complete the pronunciation. 'Gakara' is the first part 'Akara' is the middle part and a dot 'anuswar' is the last part and 'bindu' is the latter form (pronunciation) .This is the 'Ganesh Vidya'(knowledge about Lord Ganesha) of Gananka Rishi (a sage) Niert Gayatri is its meter. 'Ganapati' is the God and symbolic form in words is 'OM Gam Ganapataye Namaha'. The word Gam having the following three parts, 1) ga 2) a 3) a dot above the letter to denote the nasal sound. Ekadantaya Vidmahe | Vakaratundaya Dhimahi | Tanoo Danti Prachodayata || 8 || (This Is The 'Ganesh Gayatri' Which Is Introduced After Knowledge Of Ganesha. By Chanting This 'Ganesh Gayatri' God Ganapati Will Take Care Of The Devotees Life, Wealth And Property). We Know Ekadanta. We Meditate vakratunda .May he inspire us for Meditation. 

Ekadantam Chaturhastam Pashmankushdharinam | 
Radam Cha Varadam Hasteibribhranam Mushakadwajam | 
Raktam Lambodaram Shurpakarnakam Raktavasasam | 
Raktagandhanuliptangam Raktapushpai Supujitam | 
Bhaktanukampinam Devam Jagatkarnamchutam | 
Aavirbhutam Cha Shrushtyadou Prakrute Purushatparam | 
Evam Dhyayati Yo Nityam Sa Yogi Yoginam Varah || 9 || 

First Nam mantra, then one letter mantra, then Gayatri mantra. After finishing these three mantras a description of Ganesh idol for meditation is said as follows, Who has one tusk(on right side), who has four hands, in upper right hand who is holding noose, in left upper hand goad. In lower left hand, who is holding elephant's tooth(ekadanta), right lower hand is giving blessings, granting boon, having the mouse as him emblem, red in color, who is having big stomach, whose ears are like a small sift pan, who is wearing red colored cloths, who's body is smeared with red sandalwood paste, who is worshipped with red flowers, who is always does favor and keeps kindness towards his devotees, who created this world, who is everlasting and who is the cause of the universe, who is beyond the primordial energy and individual soul. Whoever meditates on him, always be a yogi and is the best amongst the yogis. 

Namo Vratapataye Namo Ganapataye Namaha Pramathpataye Namaste Astu Lambodaraya-Ekadantaya Vighnashine Shivasutaya Shri Varadamurtaye Namo Namaha || 10 || 

Salutation to the Lord of gods. Salutation to Ganapati (the supreme authority of total divine knowledge). Salutation to leader or chief of the soldiers and sages. Salutation to the big bellied (Lambodar), who is having one tusk, Salutation to Ekadanta. Again and again Salutation to God Shiva's son who destroys all obstacles and Varadmurti. A lord who always give blessings to his devotees.

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Prayer Never Fails!

1. On arising from bed in the mornings:
Karaagre Vasathe Lakshmee: Kara Madhye Saraswathi |
Karamoole Thu Govindha: Prabhaathe Karadarsanam ||
On tip of the palm resides  Godess Lakshmi; In the centre resides Godess Saraswathi;
At the bottom of the palm Lord Mahavishnu resides. It is therefore desirable to look at one's palm.

2. Before taking bath:
Gange Cha Yamunevaicha Godhaavari Saraswathi |
Narmadhe Sindhu kaveri Jalesmin Sannidhim Kuru ||
May the sacred waters of                                                                                                              rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godhavari, Saraswathi, Narmadha, Sindhu and kaveri flow and mix in my bath water to purify my body and soul!
3. After bath- Surya Nmaskar:
Rasmimantham Samudhyanthsm Devasura namaskrutham |
Poojayaswa Viwaswantham Bhaskaram Bhuvaneswaram ||
The source of all Rays who descended from the oceans and who is worshipped by all angels and demons is the owner of this universe. Worship the source of all sunshine! 
4. Prayer for Lighting the lamp or Dheepa:
Dheepam Karothu Kalyanam Aarogyam Dhanasampatha: |
Sathru Buddhi Vinaayaasa Dheepa Jyothi: Namosthuthe ||
Light destroys darkness. Let the light give wealth, health and auspicious events. Prayer to the light!
5. Gurusthuthi( Prayer to the Guru)
Gururbramha Gururvishnu Gururdevo Maheswara: |
Guru: Saakshaath Param Brahma Thasmai Gurave Nama: ||
Guru is Brahma for all creativity. Guru is the protector Vishnu and destroyer Maheswara. Pray to the all encompassing Guru!
Gurave Sarva Lokaanaam Bhishaje Bhavaroginaam |
Nidhaye Sarva Vidhyaanaam Sri Dhakshinamoorthaye Nama: ||
Bow to the Guru to the universe who is redeemer of the soul and who is supreme source of all fine arts and knowledge!
6. Guru Namashkar:
Poojyaya Raghavendraya Sathya Dharma Rathaayacha |
Bhajatham Kalpavrukshaaya Namathaam Kaamadhenave ||
Bow to the worshipful Guru who takes you through the path of Dharma and trut. Namashkar to Guru Raghavendra who gives you temporal blessings like the celestial Kamadhenu!
7. Before partaking food:
Aham vaiswanaro Bhoothvaa Praneenaam Dehamaasritha: |
Praanaapaan Samayuktha: Pachamyannam Chathurvidham ||
Sri Krishna Said: I sustain all living with nourishment and oxygen to soul and body.
Harirdhatha Harirbhoktha         harirannam Prajapathi: \
Harirvipra: Sareerasthu Bhunkthe Bhojayathe Hari: ||
Lord Hari gives evrything food.He is food , He is personification of all Vedas. Body just intakes food and help grow, but Lord Hari ordainsyou to eat!

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Durga SapthaSlokee- Easy Method!

In a clean wooden plank draw  Rangoli . Place a lighted cluster lamp. Make awahanam or invoking the Devi. perform the pooja as given below:
"Matharme- madhukaitabhagni- Mahishapraanaa- Paharodhyame
Helaa=Nirmitha-Dhoomralochana-vandhe Hei-Chanda- mundaardhini!
Sumbhadhwamsini-Samharaasu dhuritham Durge-Namasthambike||
Dhyayaami-Awaahayaami-Aasanam Samarpayaami-Arghyam samarpayaami-Aachamaneeyam samrpayaami-Gandham Samarpayaami-Pushpai Poojayaami!
Vaagheesvaryai  Nama:
Visaalaakshai Nama:
Sumangalyai  Nama:
Kaalyai  Nama:
Maheswaryai  Nama:
Chandai  Nama:
Bhairavyai  Nama:
Bhuvaneswaryai  Nama:
Nithyaayai  Nama:
Saanandhavibhavaayai  Nama:
Sathyagnaayai  Nama:
Dhamopahaayai  Nama:
Maheswara Priyankaryai  Nama:
MahaatripuraSundharyai  Nama:
Durgaa paramesvaryai  Nama:
DurgaaLakshmi-Saraswathyai Nama:
DurgaaLakshmi-Saraswathyai Nama:
Dheepam Dharsayaami!
DurgaaLakshmi-Saraswathyai Nama:
Naivedhyam Nivedhyaami!
DurgaaLakshmi-Saraswathyai Nama:
Thambhoolam Samarpayaami!
DurgaaLakshmi-Saraswathyai Nama:
Karpoora Neerajanam Samarpayaami!
Chanting the following sloka/hymn perambulate the lighted lamp 21 times and prostrate:
"Vandhithakriyudhe Devi Sarva Sowbhagyadhaayini!
Roopam Dehi Jayam Dehi Yaso Dehi Dhwisho Jasi!"
Aavaahanam Na Jaanaami Na Jaanami Visarjanam|
Poojavidhim Na Jaanaami Kshmaswa Parameswari|
Anyathaa Charanam Naasthi Thwamevacha Charanan Mama|
Thasmaath Kaarunya-Bhaavena Raksha Raksha Maheswari!

The benefits that acrue on account of this Pooja:

Day of the week
Sweetened rice
Cure of ailments
Honey, sugar, fruit
Wealth and promotion
Curd rice, fruit, honey
Relief from cosmic effects
Milk paayasam
Beget issues
Curd Rice
Increase intellect/exam success
Coconut, fruit
Marriage alliance
Sesame rice
Relief from difficulties and  stress


Thursday, November 15, 2012


A fold of cloth seems to look like Lord Vinayaka / Vinayak / Vinayagar / Ganapathy /  Pillaiyar. The form is perfect.

Look around your home... may be the lord is waiting to be found!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sri Lakshmi Kubera Yantra - For Weath and Prosperity

For ever lasting prosperity and material wealth - worship Sri Lakshmi Kubera Yantram. Sri Lakshmi Kuber Pooja needs to be performed particularly on Diwali and generally friday evenings.

Om Shreem Hreem Aim Kubera Lakshmiyai
Kamala Dhaarinyai Dhana Aakarshinyai Swaha||

The verses on top and bottom of yantra are from Sri Suktham.
top: Hiranya Varnaam Harinim Suvarna Rajathasrajaam
Chandraam Hiranmayim Lakshmeem Jaathavedo ma Avaha

bottom: Padmaanane Padmaaroo Padmaakshi Padmasambhave
Tvam Maam Padmaakshi Yena Sowkyam Labhaam Yaham||

Rajaadhi Raajaaya Prassya Saahine Namo Vyam VaiSravanaaya Kur mahe
Sa Me kamaan kama Kaamaaya Mahyam
Kaameshwaro Vai Sravanothadathu
Kuberaaya Vai Sravanaaya Maha Raajaaya Namaha|| 

This yantra can be purchased from Giri Trading Agency

Kubera Money Mantra Audio

Lord Kubera :
When Kubera went to Kailasam once to have a darshan of Lord Shiva, he found Him with Goddess Parvathi. Kubera was stunned to see the splendour and beauty of Goddess Parvathi. He felt sorry that he had not worshipped such a fine goddess for so long and one of his eyes shut itself.

Goddess Parvathi got angry that Kubera was winking at Her, and looking at Her with evil intention. She made his eye burst. Kubera lost sight in one eye and was also cursed that he would always look ugly. Lord Kubera pleaded with Lord Siva to forgive him and explained that he had not seen the Goddess with any evil intention. Lord Siva left the choice to His consort. Goddess Parvathi forgave Kubera and let the eye grow back, but it was smaller than the other one.

So one eye of Kubera is smaller than the other. Kubera was rewarded by Lord Siva with the post of being one of the guards of the eight directions - the North. The Goddess made him the lord of wealth and material.

As the God of wealth and material, his responsibilities are to distribute them while creating wealth is with Goddess Lakshmi. Kubera is mostly painted with his family and seen showering gold coins and navaratnas.

Performing pooja to Lord Kubera is believed to enrich one's life. To have a wealthy and comfortable life, one has to perform Sri Lakshmi Kubera Pooja.

Lord Balaji or Venkateswara at Thirupathi is said to have Borrowed money form Kubera for his marrige and he is still paying the interest on the loan amount. Hence it would seem that lord Venkateswara will be in protection during the ashadmasa.