Thursday, November 25, 2010

For Good times

To be successful in life more or less boils down to being at the right place at the right time. If we fritter away our time on useless pursuits and can not remember what we did then we are essentially offending Lord Kaala Bhairav.  Time lost is lost. Wasting time is tantamount to insulting Lord Kaala Bhairav. If we are mismanaging time and wasting it on frivolous pursuits it is necessary that we worship Lord Kala Bhairav to help us better utilize time towards a constructive end. The direct benefit would also be that you will miraculously be at the right place at the right time when opportunities come knocking. He can bestow good or favorable time on the seeker.

The Shiva Sutra 'Udyamo Bhairava' denotes an instant upsurge in consciousness. Our fixation with our perception of reality makes us miss instantaneous manifestation opportunities, which is the purpose of the chant. When we repeat this sound, we become established in an ability to change things in an unusual way.

‘Bhai’ will give you material wealth; ‘Ra’ will dissolve negativity and limited consciousness; and ‘Va’ will keep creating things. Keep chanting the syllables. Say the sounds 8 times a day of 1 minute each, anytime of the day or evening. This sacred sound will serve as a reminder that every second counts, and enable you to focus and utilize time effectively.

Who can benefit from Lord kaala Bhairav worship:
  • Inability to think or act constructively with the end result being that every activity results in wasting time (mental paralysis is what I would call it)
  • Students spending lot of time in their education still not able to read anything constructively and unable to score.
  • Those working spending enormous amount of time to do the simplest of tasks
  • Facing too many hurdles due to every task taking too much time to accomplish. Lord of Time is unhappy and hence every mole becomes a mountain. eg. If you are doing grocery shopping - some item on the list is unavailable and you end up visiting 4 stores on different part of the town and what should be done in 2 hours takes 6 hours.
Lord kaala Bhairav is the lord of time.
Kalashtami, or Maha kalaBhairavashtami, is the most auspicious day dedicated to Lord Kala Bhairava. Lord kala Bhairava is a manifestation of Lord Shiva. Kala Bhairava is the God of Time – Kal means 'time' and 'Bhairava' the manifestation of Shiva. Ashtami after Poornima, the eighth day after full moon, is considered the ideal day to propitiate Kala Bhairava.In 2011, Kala Bhairavashtami and Kala Bhairava Jayanti is on November 18. Lord Kala Bhairava is also known as Kshetrapalaka, the guardian of the temple. In honor of this, keys to the temple are ceremonially submitted to Lord Kaala Bhairava at temple closing time and are received from him at opening time.

The vahana (vehicle) of Lord Kaala Bhairava is the dog. Feeding and taking care of dogs is another way of showing our devotion to Lord Kaala Bhairava.

Kala Bhairava Gayatri Mantra
"Om Kaalakaalaaya vidhmahey Kaalaatheethaaya dheemahi Thanno Kaala Bhairava Prachodhayaath."
Recite this mantra 108 times at sunrise and pray to Lord Kaala Bhairav for constructive use of time during the day.

I came across another version of Kaala Bhairava Gayathri Mantra:

Swarnat Vijaya Vidmahe
Sula Hastaya Dhimahi
Tanno Kala Bhairavaya Prachodayat

Summary of meaning:

One with the dog and flag, I think about you holding the trident! Come and enlighten me!
Other Kaala Bhairav Mantra
  • Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Hrime Hroum Ksham Kshetrapaalaaya Kaala Bhairavaaya Namaha

There are eight types of Bhairavas and they are called ashta Bhairavas. They are Asithanga Bhairavar, Guru Bhairavar, Chanda Bhairavar, Krodha Bhairavar, Unmatta Bhairavar, Kapala Bhairavar, Bhishana Bhairavar and Samhara Bhairavar. Apart from these eight forms there is yet another form called Swarna akarshana Bahiravar. Maha Bhairavar is said to be Shiva himself.

Praying to Kaala Bhairava Forms

It is understood that there are 64 forms of Kala Bhairava that can be worshipped; these are grouped into 8 each. They are:
  1. Asidanga Bhairava: Gives creative ability
  2. Guru Bhairava: Divine educator
  3. Chanda Bhairava: Gives incredible energy, cuts competition and rivals
  4. Kroda Bhairava: Gives you the power to take massive action
  5. Unmatta Bhairava: Controls negative ego and harmful self talk
  6. Kapala Bhairava: Ends all unrewarding work and action
  7. Bhishana Bhairava: Obliterates evil spirits and negativity
  8. Samhara Bhairava: Complete dissolution of old negative karmas
Kala Bhairava can embody a wrathful side of the deity, and he can be invoked for destroying negative energies and for protecting us as well. These tremendous energies emphasize why it is important to honor Kala Bhairava, the Lord of Time.

There is also the benevolent form called Swarna Aakarshana Bhairava (Golden Attracting Bhairava) who will bring gold from heaven instantly.

The Swarna akarshana Bhairavar has red complexion and clothed in golden dress. He has moon in his head. He has four hands. In one of the hands he carries a golden vessel. He gives wealth and prosperity.

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